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A selection of 4 Australian tour posters by Ian McCausland.
Size 700mm x 490mm printed on quality 250gsm stock and individually signed by the artist.

Click on poster to view enlarged image
  1973 Rolling Stones Australian Tour   1973 Rolling Stones New Zealand Tour  
  The Rolling Stones
1973 Australian Tour

  The Rolling Stones
1973 New Zealand Tour

  1974 Rod Stewart Australian Tour   1968 The Who Australian Tour  
  Rod Stewart & The Faces
1974 Australian Tour

  The Who, Small Faces & Paul Jones 1968 Australian Tour

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  Ian McCausland

8 new and original images by Ian McCausland celebrating great Melbourne bands of the 70's. Genuine limited edition print run of 500 of each poster, individually signed and numbered by the artist.
Size 420mm x 297mm printed on quality 200gsm art stock or 520mm x 390mm if purchased framed.
Be the first on your block to get the whole set !

Click on poster to view enlarged image
  Chain Black and Blue   Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons  
Somewhat reminiscent of 1930's "Race records" graphics. They sent them for 10 long years on the chain gang, and out of that came the classic "Black and Blue". I designed Chains' Toward The Blues album cover in 1971.
It's a hot summer night on the Esplanade. There's the sound of rootsy R&B and riffing brass coming from St.Kilda. I designed JoJoZep & the Falcons' Screaming Targets album cover in 1978.
  Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs   Spectrum  
I reworked this illustration to make the King of Sunbury even more cosmic. I don't think he's crazy at all. I designed the Aztecs Hoax is Over album cover in 1971.
You're sitting in this tiled pub, right? and you realise you've been staring for 20 minutes at the smoke from a cigarette in the ashtray. Mike and Bill can do that to you. I designed Spectrums' Milesago album cover in 1971.
  Daddy Cool   Little River Band  
I wanted this illustration to look like the front cover of a dope comic. It's based on their unforgettable 1971 concert at the Melbourne Town Hall and I hope I got the clothes and guitars right. I worked on the 'Daddy Who' and 'Sex Dope Rock'n'roll' covers with the talented Ross Hannaford.
A reworking of an illustration I did for the inner sleeve of an LRB cover. The band use the platypus design as their logo in the U.S. Elevate the ornythorincus, I say. I worked on most LRB covers in the 1970's.
  Skyhooks   Dingoes  
Quite possibly every mothers nightmare in the 70's. But then again, you can't judge a man by his shoes. The Skyhooks logo is lettering I did for their 'Ego' album cover. I also designed 'Straight in a Gay Gay World' and 'Guilty Until Proven Insane' in 1977.
It's way out west where the rain don't fall. What a great album. If you can't see any lettering on this one, could be that a dingo ate it. I designed The Dingoes self titled album cover in 1974.

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