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  From the days when the album cover was king !

Classic 1970's images by Ian McCausland reproduced in miniature (180mm x 180mm) and framed in black aluminium with white acid-free matte (frame size 385mm x 320mm)

  Chain : Towards The Blues   Daddy Cool : Daddy Who?  
  CHAIN - Towards the Blues 1971
  DADDY COOL - Daddy Who? 1971
  Spectrum : Milesago   Company Caine : Product  
  SPECTRUM - Milesago 1971
  COMPANY CAINE - Product of a Broken Reality 1972
  Carson : Blown   Sunbury : 1973  
  CARSON - Blown 1972
  SUNBURY - 1973
  Matt Taylor : Straight as a Die   Matt Taylor : Music  
  MATT TAYLOR - Straight as a Die 1973
  MATT TAYLOR - Music 1974
  Matt Taylor : Old New Initiative   Ayers Rock : Beyond  
  MATT TAYLOR - Old New Intuitive 1975
  AYERS ROCK - Beyond 1976
  Skyhooks : Guilty Until Proven Insane   Jo Jo Zep : Screaming Targets  
  SKYHOOKS - Guilty Until Proven Insane 1977
  JO JO ZEP & THE FALCONS - Screaming Targets 1978
  Little River Band : The Net   Dragon : O Zambezi  
  LITTLE RIVER BAND - The Net (unreleased) 1982
  DRAGON - O Zambezi 1978

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